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Ahimsa, CheltenhamAhimsa, Cheltenham
 and its surrounding landscape stand as a testimony to its former owner, Marie Beuzeville Byles (1900-1979). Throughout her life Marie became known as a committed conservationist, the first practising solicitor in New South Wales, mountaineer, explorer and avid bushwalker, feminist, author and original member of the Buddhist Society in NSW.  The four room pre-fabricated fibro and sandstone home was called Ahimsa after the term used by Gandhi meaning harmlessness.

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Balmain Watch HouseBalmain Watch House, 179 Darling Street Balmain

Balmain Watch House
was originally built in 1854 as a police lock-up for what was arguably one of the roughest neighbourhoods in Sydney at the time. Designed by the Colonial Architect Edmund Thomas Blacket, in the traditional Georgian style, it is the oldest surviving lock-up in Sydney.  Today the building serves as the headquarters of the Balmain Association and houses an art gallery and exhibition space.

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